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Grammatically speaking, “billions and billions and billions of dollars” is a minimum of $6 billion. As the New York Times reported Thursday, the . has promised to supply up to $3 billion in aid for developing nations by 2020 to help them meet their emissions-cutting goals. That aid is part of a collective pool called the Green Climate Fund, as Trump says, which is administered by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change , according to the Paris Agreement. While $3 billion may sound like a lot of money to most people, for the United States government, which took in some $ trillion in GDP last year , it’s a pretty paltry sum. And it isn’t even an annual contribution. As of May, the . has kicked in a third of its $3 billion pledge to the fund, according to the Washington Post .

After a drug dog allegedly “alerted” to Eh Wah’s car, police searched it. Although the police did not find any drugs , drug paraphernalia or any other evidence of drug activity, they did find the donations and seized them as supposed “drug proceeds.” After interrogating him for six hours, the police eventually let Eh Wah go, but kept the cash. Within a month, the Muskogee County District Attorney filed a civil-forfeiture action to keep the money for good.

Billions, The - Never Felt This Way BeforeBillions, The - Never Felt This Way BeforeBillions, The - Never Felt This Way BeforeBillions, The - Never Felt This Way Before

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